Macbook Pro

So after 28 years of never using a Mac, I now have one. I got it for work, in my continuing endeavor to try new things on work computers. My desktop will still be a linux PC, but my laptop is now a Macbook Pro. I’ve only had it a few days, so I don’t have a lot of thoughts about it—though I still have an open mind.

– It looks shiny
– With a massive amount of RAM, it runs quite smoothly
– Better integration with X and native X open-source applications than achieved through Windows (and e.g. CygWin)

– Whole new keyboard with different buttons which do different things (will take time to get used to)
– It hides what it’s doing even more than Windows, leaving the user to have no clue what’s happening behind the scenes
– New multi-touch pad is different and doesn’t have a second mouse button
– Did not come pre-installed with any games
– I really miss the home and end keys. What does exist for home and end are, first two-key combos, and second, they are more like a top-and-bottom. I don’t yet know how to go to the beginning and ending of a dialog box I’m typing in.

So anyway, there are things I like and don’t like, but there’s a lot which I won’t know until I get used to it more.