Another Macbook Pro Update

Just as a quick update, this afternoon I had another problem which isn’t “supposed to happen” in MacOS. When I arrived home from school, my laptop was burning hot in my bag. When I opened the screen, there was an error message telling me I needed to hard-power cycle my macbook by holding in the power button, because of an error. It was a kernel panic, but the laptop was left in some continuous processing loop, with the fan spinning, but doing no good in my bag, while an unhelpful message was telling me to power cycle it. So much for Mac’s “Just working”. At least with other OSes, I expect such errors, and am very careful about making sure they aren’t happening.

Macbook Pro Update

So I’ve been using the MBP for a while now, and it’s still taking some getting used to. It’s also still just “okay.” I wouldn’t say I’m overwhelmed with how much better it is than Windows.

Moreover, I installed updates today, and upon reboot, found that a new icon was present in the menu bar. And not just that, it gave me a nag message, asking me to sign up for MobileMe.

I have to agree with the vast number of users writing complaints that this new “feature” was unrequested, unauthorized, and undesired. (I won’t link to them here, but just a quick internet search will find them). Tactics like this will probably renew my desire to be using an opensource OS on my laptop, and there is a reasonable chance I won’t stick with Mac when it comes time to get another new laptop.

Granted, I’ve ruled out Windows too, so I’m not sure what will be next. Back to linux, and the headaches of not having powerpoint plus dealing with projectors? Perhaps opensolaris?

As an aside – also after installing the updates, my trackpad stopped working until I powered the machine off and back on — another fix which is supposedly only supposed to happen on Windows.